5th Star Airconditioning

Air Conditioner Re-gasing

If your air conditioning system needs to be re-gased, it is because there is a leak in the refrigeration system allowing the original refrigerant/gas to escape from the close system.

This is what we do:

  • Recover any existing gas in the system using a gas reclaimer and gas deposit bottle
  • Disconnect both ends of the interconnecting pipes and check flares
  • Cut off old flares and re flare
  • Reconnect pipes using flare sealer
  • Nitrogen test system to 1500 or 2000 kpa depending what gas
  • Vacuum out system for required time
  • Add gas to system
  • Test and measure that system is working right and efficiently

Re gassing costs

  • Split System Re-gas: $450.00 includes gst – ┬áincludes 1kg of gas. Additional charges if more gas if required is $20 per 100g.
  • Ducted System Re-gas: $550.00 includes gst – ┬áincludes 2kg of gas additional charges if more gas if required is $20 per 100g.