5th Star Airconditioning

Air Conditioning Rating Guide

 With Air Conditioning Systems, You get what you pay for!

This page is how we currently rate air conditioners  in Australia. The table below has been populated and ranked from personal experience as a seller and installer since 2003.

Air conditioning systems are rated on many aspects that include: performance, technology, manufactures, commitment to energy efficiency and the latest technology.

Warranty and back up service is very important from an air conditioning manufacturer. It is very important to the customer, but is also very important to the installer/seller. If we sell and install, we want customer satisfaction and as few air conditioner warranty claims as possible.

Because of this, we prefer to sell and install the best air conditioning systems available. Through experience and time we have learnt that in some cases,  like rental properties and customers that may only use their air conditioners 10 times a year, a mid range second tier air conditioning system would suit their needs fine.

Air conditioners have been around for a long time now so most people now know and have heard what the good brands are. This makes our job easier because customers tend to know what brand and quality of air conditioner they are looking to purchase. The air conditioners are priced accordingly and on occasions, the top brands have specials bringing the cost down to bargain prices.

Below is 5th Stars air conditioning rating guide that we have formulated over time and years of experience:

Tier 1 –Best quality brands

Second tier good brands

Cheap an narsty

Mitsubishi Electric












Mitsubishi Heavy Industries