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Energex Peak Smart

Energex Peak Smart Technology

In August 2012 Energex launched peak smart technology for home air conditioners.

Peak Smart benefits consumers with dollar incentives reward.

At the present time this incentive is up to $500

Cooling Capacity

Rewards Availiable

Less than 4kW


4kW but less than 10kW


10kW or more


Peak Smart benefits Energex by allowing them to send a signal down the electricity grid to a receiver in the air conditioners to ramp down to 75% running capacity. Energex may only need to do this on rare occasions, when they are running over capacity and need to load shed.

We are installing more and more air conditioners with Peak Smart capabilities.

These are the current peak smart air conditioners available every month there are more and more brands coming out with Peak Smart technology.

Energex Peak Smart Frequently Asked Questions