5th Star Airconditioning

2 Storey

The 2 Storey installation in most cases, is a simple, easy fit out. A 2 Storey install refers to a split system air conditioner that has 2 major components – a wall mounted indoor unit that is mounted on the second storey of a dwelling.

The outdoor unit is either mounted outside at ground level or on a wall, mounted on a sturdy wall bracket. Interconnecting refrigeration pipes are needed to connect the indoor and outdoor unit.

There can be many variations to this installation to ensure your needs are met. Check out our prices, photos and diagram.

What you get

  • Outdoor unit positioned on concrete, poly slab or feet
  • Up to 5 meters of piping and interconnecting cable
  • Up to 10 meters of electrical supply
  • Up 4.8 meters of external duct cover
  • Weatherproof electrical isolator

Installation Pricing

  • Bedroom or small room – AC unit size below 5kw $780
  • Living room or larger room – AC unit size 5kw and over $880

Extras if Necessary

  • Wall bracket – $88 installed
  • Roof bracket – $200 installed
  • Extra piping – $35 per meter
  • Extra piping In ducting – $50 per meter