5th Star Airconditioning

Up and Over

The Up and Over is a little more involved install. In this installation the indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall and the interconnecting refrigeration pipes are run up through the ceiling cavity and over rooms in the house to where the outdoor unit is mounted externally.

This installation is used when you want to cool a room at the front or middle of the house, but have the outdoor unit mounted out the back or side of the house in a more aesthetically pleasing, less intrusive position.

What you get

  • Outdoor unit positioned on concrete, poly slab or feet
  • Up to 3 meters of piping and interconnecting cable
  • Up to 10 meters of electrical supply
  • Up 2.4 meters of external duct cover
  • Weatherproof electrical isolator

Installation Pricing

  • Bedroom or small room – AC unit size below 5kw $800
  • Living room or larger room – AC unit size 5kw and over $900

Extras if Necessary

  • Wall bracket – $88 installed
  • Pitched roof bracket – $200 installed
  • Extra piping – $35 per meter
  • Extra piping in ducting – $50 per meter