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Inverter Air Conditioners

One of the more recent technological breakthroughs in the air conditioning industry is the introduction of inverters. An inverter works by continuously varying the fan and motor speed of an air conditioner. This creates a more efficient use of power and results in the system achieving the selected temperature significantly faster. Upon reaching the required temperature, the unit adjusts itself up and down to maintain a constant temperature. Air conditioners that don’t have an inverter are in constant operation until the selected temperature is reached wherein they will automatically switch off. With both the motor and fan regularly cycling through this ‘start/stop’ sequence, the air conditioner cannot maintain a constant, steady temperature. Manufacturers point to evidence that an inverter can potentially be up to 30% more energy efficient than a standard unit. So whilst it will definitely cost you more at the initial purchase point, your long term power bills can be significantly less. You have to way up the benefit for you and your current situation. One thing to be aware of as you research the different types and models is that:

  • An inverter air conditioner will not be as Energy Efficient as a standard air conditioner when operating at full load. This should NOT be a deterrent against considering this style of unit because inverter air conditioners will always be more efficient during part load operation and this is where your home air conditioner will spend most of its functioning time.

Our recommendation is to check with a reputable manufacturer or distributor, then verify that information with the product spec sheet. You are also welcome to contact us via phone or email for an unbiased 2nd opinion.