5th Star Airconditioning

Types of Air Conditioners

If you are not familiar with domestic Air Conditioners, you will quickly discover there is an enormous variety available in the marketplace. Not only are there numerous manufacturers but also a myriad of differing types of air conditioners. Generally speaking, we can fit all of these into 5 categories:

  1. Ducted Air Conditioning

    Best for cooling an entire house. A large motor and cooling fan reside outside the house and pump refrigerated air through a series of ducts in the walls & ceiling. These systems are the most labour intensive in installation and are by far the most expensive. Ducted systems require professional installation.

  2. Split Systems

    Best for cooling individual rooms or open plan areas. They derive their name from literally being split into 2 separate sections. There is an external section (outside of the house) containing the cooling parts of the air conditioner. Then there is an internal section containing fans that deliver the refrigerated air into your living space. When the correct capacity split system is installed it offers very efficient cooling and is significantly more cost effective than a Ducted Air Conditioner. Split Systems require the services of a professional installer. Split systems tend to be a good value for money outcome depending on how much of your home you want cooled.

  3. Multi Split Systems

    Traditionally, these systems have been used in commercial environments. In more recent times they have been made available to the domestic consumer through commercial specialists and resellers. It is similar to a standard split system in that it has one outdoor air conditioner unit. However, the multi split system can provide cooling from two to nine rooms within the house through a series of indoor units. It is difficult to determine the Minimum Efficiency Performance (MEP) with this type of air conditioner (mainly when it is turned on in all rooms of a house). Multi split systems require professional installation and can be expensive.

  4. Window and through the Walls

    These are the old style ‘boxes’ protruding from a particular room. Best suited to small rooms but tend to be aesthetically poor and can deem windows inoperative. These units can often be installed without professional help but tend to be considered as old school and very inefficient.

  5. Portable

    As the name suggests, these air conditioners can be moved around with ease. They are a very cost effective option if you need it for a small space. However, you should remember that have a very small cooling capacity, lower power output, and lack the quality & efficiency of something like a split system.