5th Star Airconditioning

Work for 5th Star

5th Star treats it’s employees as family!

We not only decided to go into business to offer a reliable genuine service, but to make friends and build relationships, in saying this we want great people to represent and be a part of our company.
We have a lot to offer our employees, and  want to attract quality tradespeople with the same morals and ethics to work with us!
  • We pay our employees above the award rates, we also notice when our employees work hard and do extra, we acknowledge and reward them with bonuses
  • We train our employees so they can improve their skills for themselves and our business
  • If a job cannot be done safety it’s not worth doing
  • We use technology, if there is a tool available to do a  job more efficiently and safely we probably have it, and if you know something that we don’t know, please tell

Careers presently available at 5th Star